Then Again The Novel

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Then Again  The Novel

A new and entirely unique take on an old theme: traveling back to an earlier time in the hope of rewriting the past. Unlike the fantasies in which some magical incantation, ancient artifact, or mysterious portal sends someone back to their youth, this novel is not played for laughs or as an excuse to depict James-Bond-type action. On the contrary, it takes a serious look at the problems that might confront someone who is given the opportunity to start over again at a younger age.

In his first life, Rix Vaughn grows up as a somewhat typical mid-twentieth-century rock/folk musician (egocentric, drugged out, alcoholic, womanizing, etc.). As the story opens, he is facing a miserable slide into premature death when he is approached by a couple of brilliant scientists who offer to inject his adult mind into his younger body in a parallel universe. After a number of preliminary procedures that first allow him to review his entire life, then actually relive periods in his past, he must choose at what age he wishes to start over. Once he makes his choice and endures the frightening “Transmigration” process, he finds himself facing a myriad of problems and difficult choices. Some of these lead to unforeseen, negative consequences, while others present him with volatile situations he must rely on his quick wit and improvisational skills to deal with.

Then Again The Novel

Throughout the novel, we are presented with a vivid depiction of Rix’s two lives, which include several failed love affairs, differing though similar careers, and many errors in judgment. There is an incredible realism to the narrative, conveyed through believable characters, dialogue befitting each era, and historically accurate events subtly intertwined with the action. There is also a running undercurrent of moral and ethical questioning that often leads to philosophical dilemmas requiring complex and dangerous decisions. Overall, the novel conveys a powerful statement on the precarious nature of relationships, both personal and societal, and on the future preservation of the fragile ecosystem in which those relationships exist.

THEN AGAIN is a captivating tale that delves into the ethereal aspects of quantum physics and Native American spirituality to set the stage for an examination of the emotional challenges and unpredictable consequences of attempting to rewrite the past. Though scientifically speculative, the novel tells an eminently believable, near-future story that chronicles Rix Vaughn's multiple lives as he undergoes this bizarre experiment in parallel-universe manipulation.
- Hack Taylor—Book Review Editor,

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