Then Again The Novel

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Season's Readings by Rev. Angie

Praise For
Rev, Angie's Words

"When you stop laughing, you realize that you have been crying. There is a vulnerability and a poignancy to Rev. Angie’s words that is both personal and universal."
- Rev. Suzanne Meyer, UU Church of Cheyenne, WY

"Rev. Angie is capable of profound human connection. When I listen to her spin tales, mining them for meaning so that we can all benefit from her experiences, I am not just sitting in a sanctuary, I am finding sanctuary in a great woman's words, warmth and wisdom."
- Dr. Karen R. Tolchin, author of Part Blood, Part Ketchup: Coming of Age in American Literature and Film.

"This minister's sermons have frequently been called, 'brilliant.' [This is] Masterful work."
- Rev. John Weston, UUA, Boston

"When I read Rev. Angie's words, I am genuinely moved. I appreciated her, 'word smithy skills,' in graduate school, and now—almost three decades later!—she can still move me to smiles, deep reflection, and tears."
- Rev. Daniel Dale, - Wellington Avenue UCC Chicago

"Some Sundays, it can seem like the minister is talking directly to you, or even just to you. Reverend Angie makes every Sunday that kind of Sunday."
- Edward Proulx, student for the ministry

“For over two decades, the blessing of this woman's friendship has enhanced my life as she shared her wisdom, intellect, insight, and, most of all, humor. Her conversations are stimulating and supportive; her sermons, inspiring and educational. The most frequent adjective I've heard used to describe her is "brilliant.” To have put so much of her thought and her work into a book was a stroke of genius and generosity, both characteristic of Reverend Angie. At several points in its reading, I found myself giggling so hard I could scarcely focus on the page; at others, I found it difficult to read through my tears. The book is a treasure, as is she.”
- Rev. Dawn Hambly, author of Love Songs, Life Songs

“Rev. Angie mixes her thoughtful wisdom about ... fundamental topics with a delightful sense of humor that makes these essays informative and fun to read.”
- Rev. Richard Venus, Interfaith Ministers for Reconciliation

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