Then Again The Novel

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Lessons The Novel

What is the difference between erotic lust and true love? This is one of the many questions asked by Phillip, Caroline, and Marie, as they learn the 'Lessons' of love and sexual fulfillment in this intimate coming-of-age novel. Phillip and Caroline, friends since childhood, carry a smoldering torch for each other, a torch the older Phillip suppresses until they meet later in life. In the intervening years, Phillip enters into a passionate, through frustrating relationship with Marie, a bewitching medical student who teaches him the mechanics and nuances of sexual performance.

Avoiding the crude language used by many writers of erotica, LeBeaux's descriptive expertise shines, not only in sensuality and passion, but by plumbing the depths of intimacy and affection between his characters. In the end, these three find themselves swallowed up in a complicated web of jealousy, friendship, and the chemical dictates of love in all its phases.

Lessons is an excellent novel that not only explores the complexities of love, but gives the reader an insight into why we humans often find ourselves challenged by our sexual hunger and the moral choices that hunger can sometimes lead to.

- Sally Jenkins: Critical Editor, WordMerchant Publishing

Lessons The Novel

Simply put, R. LeBeaux’s new novel Lessons is genius. The last time I responded to the written word this way was when I read the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy. As with those novels, I felt I knew every one of the characters in Lessons as real people; I liked and worried and cared about them all. After 50 Shades, I searched for something equally as enthralling, a search that proved futile until I found Lessons. Though entirely different stories, each provided pure, wall-to-wall, deeply pleasurable reading. Presented in intimate detail, the sexual content in Lessons serves as a narrative link between the three main characters’ coming-of-age adventures, challenges, and forbidden desires. This novel instantly became a permanent addition to my personal library, one I will read many, many times in the future.

- The Reverend Dr. Angeline Theisen, essayist and author of Seasons Readings

A dramatic and sometimes shocking treatise on sexuality, love, and infidelity, with intense and intimately depicted scenes from the bedroom that could easily serve as a how-to manual for lovers both young and old. Lessons is an extremely well crafted, engrossing love story, with troubled but brilliantly drawn characters, whose lives intertwine in a surprising labyrinth of emotional turmoil.
- Hack Taylor: Book Review Editor,

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